Outreach and Forms


H.I.M. (hospitals, institutions, and missions)

A key to Outreach, Hospitals, Institutions, and Missions Ministry is perhaps the most rewarding experience one can have. We “carry the message” to those who otherwise cannot attend regular meetings. Hospitals, treatment centers, jails, prisons , and rescue missions are full of people who suffer as we once did and who need our help. Panels and regular meetings are run by volunteers and put on for the benefit of the clients or inmates, although the panel members really benefit as well. It takes a lot of commitment and perseverance, but the blessing is bountiful, so form or join a committee now.

Public Information

The purpose of the Public Information Committee is to carry the message of Overcomers Outreach to those still suffering. We achieve this by making our presence known to the person, community groups, and interested parties affected by addiction. We also have the task of keeping our own fellowship members informed and up-to-date (on the changes) with respect to Overcomers Outreach.

Event Planning

Get some guidelines for event planning or just get involved with putting on a workshop or conference in your area. Events serve several purposes, such as:

Group Forms

Appendix to the FREED Booklet now available - We have added more topics and study verses to our FREED meeting guide booklet as an appendix to the back of the book, so page references, etc., will remain the same. All new orders for books (yellow) will be the updated version, and the new appendix can be inserted in the back of the older books. Click here for the pdf and print, or contact the Central Office for more information. 800-310-3001

Download and fill out these form templates for your local events or meetings

Local Meeting Schedule - Use this form to make a local meeting schedule three-fold handout to list more than one meeting in a local area.
Download the form by clicking the on the above link, then fill in as many meetings as you like. The form can be modified to accommodate several meetings by editing the "Phone List" section. When finished,  save to your computer and print as needed. This is a "2-sided" form.

Meeting Information Cards - Print these business cards for a meeting or group and pass them out to spread the word and invite others to attend.
Download the form by clicking the on the above link, then select the "cell" to enter your meeting information into. When finished with that cell, highlight it and right-click to "copy", then position the cursor to the next cell and right-click again, this time selecting "paste cells". Repeat pasting to fill out the rest of the cells (10) and then save to your computer and print as needed. Use heavy paper or "cardstock".

Court Cards (Sign-off Sheets) - Offer these as records of attendance for courts, parole, or probation, or just as a personal record of attendance.
When you click on the above link, the file opens and you then select "print" from the file menu. Click on "properties" and choose "2-sided" from the drop down menu to print on both sides of the form (if duplex printing or copying is available). Click "OK", then select the number of copies and click "OK" again. The form should print with the selected format on one side and the sign-off table on the other.  The "Court Card" has 12 Steps & 12 Traditions, and is a three-fold brochure.

Event Flyers- Print flyers for your meeting or event
Download this form, save to your computer, and edit to print as needed to publicize  your meeting or event.

Group Information Form - Use this form to update or add information about your group in the national directory. Download by clicking the above link, fill out information and changes, then print and send to the Central Office: Overcomers Outreach, 12828 Acheson Dr., Whittier, CA  90601

Group Treasurer's Report - Use this form to keep a record of Group income and expenses.
Download and print copies of blank forms for use by group secretary or treasurer as a running ledger of income and expenses.

Book Marks

These bookmarks should be printed on "card stock" heavy paper. They are 2-sided, 5 per sheet. Pass them out to celebrate "milestones" in recovery at meetings in jails or institutions where key tags are inappropriate or not economically feasible, such as treatment centers or rescue missions, or any meeting. The encouragement afforded is important for early individual recovery and something to "keep coming back" for. In accordance with our primary purpose of serving as a bridge between "outside" fellowships and the Church, they may be used with other "chips" or tokens. The suggested color scheme is listed with each link to match our key tags, but  they may be printed all one color if desired. Pastel paper sets off the black ink better than darker colors. Click on the blue link to download the form for printing.

Bookmarks for Public Information distribution also available with
Central Office contact information and Serenity Prayer

OO Fact Sheet - Basic information about Overcomers Outreach

Sample Letters

Examples on letterhead for various introductions