Due to Federal, State, and Local mandates across the country, many meetings and events have had to suspend or close in order to reduce the spread of the Corona-19 virus. As a result, alternative platforms of communication have been presented. We have no affiliation with any media platform, and so our groups may be using applications such as Skype, Google chat, Facetime, Zoom, etc. Here's how we hope to help:
Order "Just 1 Booklet" for $8 including First Class postage. May take a little longer (5 days), but saves the priority mail rate normally applied. Choose a booklet type with the drop-down. The Yellow FREED booklet is default.
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During this "stay at home" period of time, the Central Office, like so many other entities and individuals, has suffered a severe reduction in contributions. If you are able to help, please consider a 7th Tradition or personal donation to "keep the lights on".
Use this button for 7th Tradition contributions:

or look for Overcomers Outreach on Venmo for virtual 7th Tradition contributions.
So, regarding Group Traditions, it is vital for us to consider what Tradition has taught us and how to apply that experience today: