Bridging the Gap Between 12 Step Groups and Churches of All Denominations
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The following links and phone numbers are offered in the spirit of helping and do not imply endorsement of, or affiliation with, Overcomers Outreach. We encourage attendance at other 12 step groups as part of our "primary purpose", which is to serve as a bridge between 12 step groups and churches of all denominations. 

Your first source of help!
The Bible


Christian Treatment Center Placement and Counseling

Recovery Options Crisis Lifeline   (877)722-4455

   Lighthouse Network  (877)562-2565

Christian Sexual Addiction groups and counseling

    Pure Desire Ministry  (503)489-0230

Other Treatment sources

Drug Rehab of America  (800)559-9503

Addiction Help Services  (877)554-7308

Addiction Center 1-800-586-9670

Christian Family Counseling

American Family Living   (714)637-7900

Turning Point Counseling (800)998-6329

Christian Financial Counseling - Credit Card debt

Debt Free Christian    (800)624-9747

Bill Pay and Cash Management (800) 296-5899

Other Christian Support Groups

Celebrate Recovery

Christ Powered Recovery

Christian Gambling help Ministry

12 Step Support Groups


   For the individual                                  For family members
Org. Name Phone website Org. Name Phone website
Alcoholics Anonymous (212)870-3400 Al-Anon (888)425-2666
Cocaine Anonymous (800)347-8998 Co-Anon (800)898-9985
Narcotics Anonymous (818)773-9999 Nar-Anon (800)477-6291
Sex Addicts Anonymous 1-800-477-8191
Sexaholics Anonymous (866)424-8777 S Anon (800)210-0841
Gamblers Anonymous (213)386-8789 Gam-Anon (718)352-1671
Overeaters Anonymous (505)891-2664      
Workaholics Anonymous (510)273-9253      
Nicotine Anonymous (415)750-0328      
Emotions Anonymous (651)647-9712      
Debtors Anonymous (781)453-2743      

Other Information and Referral Sources

Important Information about Detox

More about Al-Anon Family Services

National Council on Alcohol and Drug Dependence (NCADD)

Society for the Advancement of Sexual Health (SASH)

Helping Others Live Sober

Information on Detox