Welcome Overcomers

The Overcomers Outreach Bridge serves as online meeting and information site. We hope to interact with you and get some feedback as to how we can serve you and your group.                                                click here to  return to website

12 Steps presents the steps with some relevant Bible verses for study. Click on a link on the right to go to the page for that step. Read what others share about or post comments to the appropriate step.

Topics is a page of recovery topics and relevant Bible verses for study. Comments for sharing about the topics are welcome as well.

Group Traditions is a recommended study of the application of the Overcomers Outreach group traditions to our personal lives and how the group functions.

Pamphlets are posts of our newest and most recently revised pamphlets to allow some of our literature to be previewed blog-style. See Audio Brochures for additional pamphlet content.

Slideshows (Slides) are Power Point shows to present some of our outreach programs

Audio Brochures offer audio posts of readings from pamphlets

Praise & Thanks and Prayers & Problems offer a forum to ask for prayers, contact us,  offer stories to help others, or get a little support from others and keep up with what’s happening in OO today.

Donate is a page to make donations on line or find our address.

Visual Media is a list of recent event photo pages and some interesting video clips

The Central Office is supported by literature sales and donations. Literature can be ordered on the website or by phoning (562)698-9000 or (800)310-3001 during Office hours Mon-Fri 10am to 5pm Pacific time. We are here to answer questions and help groups any way we can. Be sure to visit the website for the very latest, and we would love to hear from you.

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